At Timberidge, we understand that in order for an acoustic instrument to produce the best tone possible, the instruments timber needs to resonate and breathe naturally – which is why our instruments utilise modern bracing techniques which ensure strength and resists climate impact, while maintaining the instruments ability to resonate freely. 

In addition to our bracing techniques, Timberidge guitars and basses are finished using products and techniques that limit their effect on impeding the instruments resonance. To cope with Australia’s diverse climate and weather conditions, Timberidge guitars and basses are manufactured using a specially designed laminate neck block. This incredible design provides increased stability, while minimising fretboard movement over time.  

The result is an instrument capable of withstanding the harsh Australian climate, and providing gorgeous tone for years to come. Timberidge is a proudly Australian owned and operated brand, creating guitars designed specifically with Australian guitarists in mind.

To ensure our instruments meet with the needs of modern guitarists across Australia, our research and design team liaise with performers and players from all walks of life; resulting in the many models and features seen across our range.